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We want to revolutionise the way Small-Medium Enterprises access IT devices, for good.

Efficiency and circularity

According to Intel®, your company might be losing up to 12% of efficiency due to working on outdated devices. Apply that percentage to your monthly payroll to understand how much that might cost your business.

Additionally, less than 20% of IT equipment gets recycled by SMEs. 

In today’s competitive landscape, having a simple, sustainable, and flexible way to access the latest tech is business-critical from a performance, security, ESG, cost, and talent retention perspective.

Employees agree with us: In our survey, 8 out of every 10 professionals value an employer renewing their IT on a regular basis and on a circular platform.

That is why we launched Ooodles: to help your business embrace circularity, increase efficiency, retention, and boost cash flow with an IT portfolio that adapts to your needs at the click of a button.

A collaboration that started in 2016

Leo and Kannan met in Berlin in 2016, where they helped launch Grover in Germany.

Leo has worked for some of the industry's biggest IT companies (Compaq, HP, Sony, Jawbone) before becoming a start-up executive and growing several businesses internationally.

Kannan has helped build the tech stack for two unicorns and has sold his own business, making him an all-around entrepreneur.

They know first hand how important IT is for a business and how more efficiently businesses could manage their technology. That’s why we launched Ooodles.

Say Goodbye to Tech Headaches

As entrepreneurs, Leo and Kannan experienced the frustration of getting stuck with unwanted tech piling up in the IT room, paid upfront, and with no time or personnel to find a solution. 

As a Small Medium Business, your priority should be to focus on your customers, not to track your IT hardware or worry about efficiency losses across your organisation due to outdated tech.

And in the event of changes in your business priorities or team size, you should be able to adjust your IT portfolio without worrying about the hefty expense and headache associated with it.

About the Ooodles Group structure

Ooodles Group is a UK-based and FCA-regulated Fintech company founded by Leonardo Poggiali (CEO) and Kannan Reghu (CTO), two of the most prominent European experts in the field. Ooodles is a private company supported by investors that helped scaled other tech businesses Internationally to market flotations at the Nasdaq.

Our commitment to you

  • Transparency & Flexibility

    Ooodles pricing and terms are 100% transparent with no hidden costs or fees. What you see is what you get. 

    And if you choose the Ooodles+ add on, you can adapt your IT portfolio to your org chart and business priorities without restrictions, avoiding to find yourself stuck with expensive and unwanted IT.

  • Feeding the circular economy

    Ooodles directly feeds into the circular economy. Devices stay in a virtuous reuse-recycle loop that takes Ooodles far beyond the limitations of second-hand platforms in a way that not only benefits the ESG ratings of its customers, but directly benefits the planet.  

    Our vision for a more sustainable planet is clear and here is our statement on how Ooodles wants to do its part in offering a truly circular and more sustainable service in the IT industry.

  • 5 Star service from the Ooodles Team

    Ooodles is a fast-growing company with a lean but super talented team of individuals who share the same mission: offering a friction-less IT rental platform that adapts to your business and lets you focus on what you do best (which is not buying, stocking or disposing of IT hardware).

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