Like new tech? Try like-new tech.

Save money on current-gen devices with as-new, refurbished models.

Rent refurbished devices

Like-new, premium devices

Waste not, want not. Our premium refurbished laptops and phones are all current-gen devices with minimal use, inspected and manufacturer certified for total quality assurance.

And if something does go wrong, you’ll get the same lifetime guarantee and service as you would for a new device. 

There’s no compromise, no catch – just a great deal.

Same device, lower cost

Choosing a certified refurbished device costs less than choosing a brand new one.

These devices are as-new – hardly used through one of our short-term leases or returned through our flexible Ooodles+ plan. You get the same business-boosting performance from the same grade-A premium devices, for a lower monthly price.

Fully secure

Our refurbished devices are either remanufactured devices, cancelled orders or refurbished to be like-new – including certified data wiping to GDPR standards. All devices are completely secure and can be enrolled into MDMs for easy management.

Ooodles give you free lifetime warranty with all devices, so if there are any faults, we’ll fix it for you and send you a free replacement on loan, straight away. 

Circular economy

High-end refurbished devices save you money – and they’re better for the environment.

Ooodles are an ESG Gold Rated company. We make sure that all devices are used for their full lifecycle, and then finally recycled in an ethically and ecologically-sound way. If your company has ESG targets, or falls under the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), we’ve got you covered.

Renting refurbished devices – a good deal for everyone

  • Reduce electronic waste

    Reduce electronic waste by renting refurbished devices for only as long as you need them. Devices are made to be used – not stuck in a locker!

  • Super Flexible

    Most leasing companies have fixed lease periods that are frustrating and wasteful.

    We give you the freedom to choose how long you need a device for on the standard plan – and if you need additional flexibility, choose Ooodles+.

  • Happy teams

    It's tough to balance IT costs with employees' preferences for high-end devices. By renting with Ooodles, you can give them what they need – and still save money.

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