More tech. Less waste.

Every decision your business makes on tech has an impact. Renting tech with Ooodles doesn’t just give your business access to the latest and most powerful devices – it helps you become more sustainable.

Make the sustainable choice

High quality, ISO 14001 certified products

We understand the importance of sustainability. So, we only provide products designed to last for multiple life-cycles. The brands we partner with have ISO 14001 certifications for manufacturing, publish Environmental Progress Reports publicly, and have an acceptable ESG risk rating or better.

We avoid entry-level brands that offer devices with a short product life – or don’t meet our strict criteria for sustainability.

Our devices never leave the reuse-recycle loop

We never let our devices become poorly managed e-waste. Renting tech with Ooodles prevents those situations where devices become obsolete, disused, forgotten – and eventually fall out of the reuse-recycle loop. 

Trade in and recycle

Trade in your old products for credit towards new ones.

We run our recycling scheme in partnership with one of the best companies in Europe, and we audit their operations to guarantee a service level agreement that meets our standards.

Sustainable repairs

You never have to worry about what happens if you need your old device fixed or replaced.

Old products and parts are recycled in line with the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling) regulations, for the best chance of recycling components in line with European protocols.

Sustainability at every stage

  • It all adds up…

    Using or buying the newest technology is not wrong or unsustainable by default. There are so many ways to be sustainable with tech – and buying second-hand is just one of them.

    To exist, the second-hand market needs a qualified “first-hand” economy (called a “linear economy”) that thinks of its ESG impact from the design phase. A sustainable linear economy helps second-hand and recycling by bringing new products to market – ones that are made to last, be reused multiple times, and are easily recycled.

    You and your business need technology to deliver value. You should have sustainable options to access new products – and this is where Ooodles comes into play.

    We can track everything back to the manufacturer, and forward into recycling. That means you can have the latest tech, and still meet even the strictest of ESG policies – by having a verifiable, accountable technology supplier.

  • Other ways we are doing our bit

    All our physical operations take place on one site – maximising energy use for heating, lighting and servers. We are also reviewing our energy contracts, to make sure we use utility providers with the highest percentage of renewable sources, and the lowest carbon footprint.

    We’re committed to reusing original packaging wherever possible, or sturdy yet recyclable packing where it’s not. We do our best to remove plastic from the equation, too.

    We are proud partners of DPD – a UK and pan-European champion in transportation and logistics, using long-life vehicles.

    But we’re not done. And we’d love to know if you have any suggestions on how Ooodles can become more sustainable. Please reach out to

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