Ooodles Partners With Remote Global HR Platform

Ooodles has joined Remote’s selection of trusted hardware & equipment management partners.

Ooodles partners with Remote

Ooodles has joined Remote’s selection of trusted hardware & equipment management partners. Remote is a global leader providing an HR platform to onboard and manage employees and contractors, globally. Remote covers all of the critical HR services you need, including payroll.

Why Remote is Ooodles' recommended HR platform

Remote is a cost effective and powerful HR platform

Not many people know that you don't need a global and remote workforce to start using Remote. The benefits are there also for UK-based SMEs who want a compliant, user-friendly and cost-effective HR platform they can scale in the future. That is why we use and recommend remote ourselves. And if you are an Ooodles client, you benefit from 20% off if you try remote by using this link.

Ooodles Discount For UK-based Remote clients

UK-based Remote clients on their end will benefit from a £200 credit on their first rental with Ooodles. Create you account with us, drop us a note at to say that you are a Remote client and we will activate your credit.

Remote clients get a £10,000 credit line

On top of the £200 starting credit, Remote clients will get a minimum of a £10,000 credit line to equip their teams with premium laptops, phones, and other tech with no up-front costs. Just simple and affordable monthly payments. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you want to know more about this offer.

Why Ooodles is so popular with UK-based SMEs

  • Save time and money

    Tech is expensive to buy outright. 10 new laptops can cost over £15k to purchase outright, or cost just £400 per month with no up-front costs by renting with us.

    Why spend your company's money on depreciating assets, when you can use it to provide value to your clients and grow?

  • Transparent and convenient pricing

    Our full product catalogue and pricing is available on our website so that you can see how much you will save by renting with us without confusing quotes or hidden fees.

    Simply select the devices you need, how long you need it for, and we will deliver it to your employees for next day delivery.

  • Circular and Flexible

    We ensure all devices are used throughout their full lifecycle. That’s why we offer the most flexible rental contracts in the UK.

    Shorten, extend or cancel contracts early with Ooodles+ and save money – while helping the planet.

Rent tech with Ooodles now

See our full tech catalogue and start your order now. It's quick and easy – just make an account, and order your first device!

Devices Covering All Your Business Needs

From our latest range of devices, choose rental periods from 3 to 36 months

Need products not on the website, or planning a large order? Please speak to us and we will be happy to help.

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