Public sector IT leasing

Make public funds go further. Ooodles gives public sector organisations access to world-changing technology – without burning resources on soon-to-be obsolete devices.

Best-in-class devices. Best-practice on transparency.

Save money – and put it where it matters

When you’re spending public money, be prepared for scrutiny. The public demands fiscal responsibility and more transparency on where their money is going – now more than ever.

Leasing IT assets offers a smarter, more transparent way to serve communities, at a far lower cost. Instead of paying tens (or even hundreds) of thousands on soon-to-be outdated technology, more money can be put where it matters.

Leasing with Ooodles removes the high up-front investment of buying outright, the risk of depreciating assets, and the pressures of contributing to e-waste. Public organisations can proudly demonstrate shrinking IT costs, ESG compliance and better management of public funds.

Move fast and stay flexible

Public organisations have a reputation for slow, bureaucratic processes. And a lot of this is rooted in ageing technology, with long procurement periods for new equipment.

It’s time to move away from legacy technologies. IT leasing allows for routine, scheduled upgrades – keeping public sector offices on the bleeding-edge of technology, and able to outpace even the private sector.

Leasing offers unparalleled flexibility, with terms from 3 months to 3 years – and there’s even more flex on offer with Ooodles+.

Streamlined administration

Our asset management system gives public sector IT personnel a full-featured dashboard to oversee and track all tech-related inventory.

Our centralised platform allows for easy monitoring, management and auditing of IT resources.

Find serial numbers, contract start and end times – and clearly see the cost per device.

Build a better world, with better tech.

  • Transparency on public spending

    Ooodles makes tracking public spending clearer than ever. Proudly show communities what’s being achieved with reduced IT expenditure.

  • Security and compliance

    We have brand new and refurbished as-new devices. When the lease is up, they’re completely restored to their as-new state – meticulously wiped of any traces of data.

  • Choose any devices

    Integrate with any existing system. Choose high-end computers running MacOS or Windows. Get the latest Android or iOS devices. Work your way, with devices that fit your teams.

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