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Ooodles helps SMEs compete with the biggest businesses in their field. Spend less, save time – and equip your team with the best tech in the world.

Keep more money. Save more time.

Use tech rentals to boost cashflow

Why spend tens of thousands on a suite of workstations that’ll be obsolete in a year’s time?

Renting tech with Ooodles means no high up-front costs to develop your IT inventory. Our pricing is affordable and transparent – so you can equip your team with the devices they need to do the job, without breaking the bank.

Stay Agile

SMEs have periods of rapid team growth, and times when it is quieter. With Ooodles, tech rentals have a great level of flexibility. We’ll help you quickly scale up or down, as your business requires.

Your technology costs won’t burden you from achieving your goals – and you won’t have to pay for devices that you no longer need.

Manage all your devices in one place

SMEs often don’t have or need a dedicated IT support team. Delegate your IT needs to us, and you can focus on your strengths; growing your business and providing value for your clients.

With Ooodles, you’ll get a powerful dashboard that manages all your devices. You can order new devices, assign devices to employees, get support – and see exactly how much you’re spending each month.

More benefits of renting with Ooodles

  • Reduce electronic waste

    Reduce e-waste by renting devices only for as long as you need them – then putting them back into circulation when you’re finished.

  • Happy teams

    It's tough to balance IT costs with employees' preferences for high-end devices. By renting with Ooodles, you can give them what they need – and still save money.

  • Circular and Flexible

    We ensure all devices are used throughout their full lifecycle. That’s why we offer the most flexible rental contracts in the UK.

    Shorten, extend or cancel contracts early with Ooodles+ and save money – while helping the planet.

Rent tech with Ooodles now

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Devices Covering All Your Business Needs

From our latest range of devices, choose rental periods from 3 to 36 months

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