Tech leasing for dev teams

When consumer tech changes, your development platforms need to change, too. Move your dev team in sync with the hardware release cycle – on a simple, scalable tech rental package from Ooodles.

Ooodles for software developers

CICD – but for your hardware

Continuously improve your hardware, without hoarding obsolete devices. With Ooodles, you can lease laptops, desktops and mobile devices on terms from 3 to 36 months, upgrading to the latest tech at the end of your term.

And with Ooodles+, you can change your terms on the fly – to bring your upgrade cycle forward when next-gen devices are released.

Win the hardware arms race

Imagine getting the latest tech as it becomes available, to stay ahead of your most demanding and tech-forward users.

Never be left behind on outdated tech – and do it at the fraction of the cost of buying hardware outright. It’s great for progress, and even better for your IT department.

Sprint and scale – without upsetting your CFO

Want to unlock new features, squish all the bugs, and deploy new versions faster? With Ooodles, you can scale up almost instantly on current-gen hardware. Get premium, benchmark-busting laptops for a team of ten, for as little as £400 per month.

Need ultra-flexible terms? Choose Ooodles+, and scale up and down as business dictates.

Game the system

Why collect a bunch of different hardware platforms that you’ll hardly ever use? With tech rentals from Ooodles, you can develop for diverse hardware ecosystems – then give it all back after QA. Perfect for game devs porting titles, or for cross platform testing.

More pluses when you rent tech with Ooodles

  • Save money

    Tech is expensive. Just getting laptops for a team of ten can cost over £15k to purchase outright. With Ooodles, you get the same tech for only £400 per month – with no up-front costs.

    Stop wasting your company's money on tech that’s destined to become obsolete. Spend it on what matters; providing value to your clients – and growing your business.

  • Save time

    Managing tech is a long and costly process.

    With Ooodles, you get access to our asset management dashboard that allows you to see all your devices and plans, assign tech to employees, make new orders, and view invoices and contracts.

  • Boost productivity

    Employee efficiency drops by 5 to 15% for every 12 months that a laptop is used for.

    Why hire top talent, only to limit their potential with slow, outdated tech?

  • Full flexibility

    Most leasing companies have fixed lease periods that are frustrating and wasteful.

    We give you the freedom to choose how long you need a device for on the standard plan – and if you need additional flexibility, choose Ooodles+.

Order devices in minutes – get next working day delivery

Onboarding takes minutes, with security checks usually done within an hour.

Devices Covering All Your Business Needs

From our latest range of devices, choose rental periods from 3 to 36 months

Need products not on the website, or planning a large order? Please speak to us and we will be happy to help.

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