Tech leasing for digital agencies

Agencies – still buying your team the hardware they need to do their job? Tech leasing for digital agencies keeps you leaner, meaner, and more profitable. Learn more below.

Tech on your terms.

Short-term, long-term – and anywhere in between

Why spend tens of thousands on a suite of workstations to deliver a campaign that only runs for 6 months?

By leasing computers with Ooodles, you can develop and deliver campaign assets, strategy, and execution on the latest hardware – then send it back once it’s all done. Our pricing is affordable and transparent, with lease terms from 3 to 36 months. Equip your team with the devices they need to do the job, without investing significant sums upfront.

Scale up and down, with lower risk

Digital agencies move fast, and commonly experience rapid team growth. New hardware demands can eat into profits and salaries – making it hard to stay competitive.

But on the flipside, agencies at times have to operate with the bare minimum of team members – or with short-term freelancers. This can make owning tech outright a false economy. With tech leasing, agencies get tons of flexibility. Quickly scale up or down, as your agency requires – and you won’t have to pay for devices that you no longer need.

Cutting-edge hardware for demanding content

Creating digital media is easier than ever – but not if your tech is lagging behind the times.

Experience a productivity boost of up to 12% by giving your team the latest devices, without the risk of obsolescence hanging over you.

Be ready for the oncoming demands of digital content creation and on-device AI-assisted content generators – without investing tens of thousands in rapidly-evolving tech.

Want even more flexibility?

Shorten or extend plans, mid-lease. Return devices immediately when employees leave. Get insurance included, plus remote IT support. There are so many pluses to leasing when you choose Ooodles+

More value. Less to worry about.

  • Save money

    Tech is expensive. Just getting laptops for a team of ten can cost over £15k to purchase outright. With Ooodles, you get the same tech for only £400 per month – with no up-front costs.

    Stop wasting your company's money on tech that’s destined to become obsolete. Spend it on what matters; providing value to your clients – and growing your business.

  • The Ooodles dashboard

    In a remote and hybrid world, it can be hard to keep track of all your company’s tech. With Ooodles, your dashboard gives you everything you need to know at a glance.

  • Save time

    Managing tech is a long and costly process.

    With Ooodles, you get access to our asset management dashboard that allows you to see all your devices and plans, assign tech to employees, make new orders, and view invoices and contracts.

  • Happy teams

    It's tough to balance IT costs with employees' preferences for high-end devices. By renting with Ooodles, you can give them what they need – and still save money.

Rent tech with Ooodles now

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Devices Covering All Your Business Needs

From our latest range of devices, choose rental periods from 3 to 36 months

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