Why CFOs love Ooodles

Heads of Finance – meet your perfect partner in tech provisioning. Accelerate your company’s growth without making huge, risky investments in depreciating assets, by leasing devices with Ooodles.

Save money to make money.

Put your money where it matters

Buying the tech to run a company is a huge financial investment. Work laptops for a team of ten can cost upwards of £15,000 – and those assets will continue to depreciate, until they become obsolete.

But when you lease IT assets, all that changes. At Ooodles, we assume all the risk of depreciation – and you simply record your lease payments as operating expenses. You won’t have to record depreciation for your devices as part of your company tax returns, streamlining your accounting process and lowering your tax burden.

All that money saved can be put where it matters – back into your business. And, you’re not left with outdated machines in your inventory that nobody wants to buy from you.

Leasing with Ooodles lets companies scale fast, without huge initial IT investments.

Ditch the depreciation

When you purchase assets outright, you’ll have to record the cost of each one and track their depreciating value over their lifespans or estimated lifespans. Depending on your company’s accounting policies and the size of your IT portfolio, this can be a hugely time-consuming task.

But in contrast, when you lease tech with Ooodles, the devices remain our property. Since you don't own the assets, you don’t have to report depreciation as a loss. Instead, the monthly payments count towards your operating expenses – which is a far cleaner and leaner way to monitor your costs.

Track spending at a glance

The Ooodles dashboard gives CFOs and finance teams a full-featured asset management system. You can oversee and track your entire tech inventory, and understand your costs at a glance.

This centralised platform is the easiest and fastest way to manage and audit your IT resources, showing you who’s using what device, contract statuses, and the cost per device.

More benefits of renting with Ooodles

  • Reduce electronic waste

    Reduce e-waste by renting devices only for as long as you need them – then putting them back into circulation when you’re finished.

  • Happy teams

    It's tough to balance IT costs with employees' preferences for high-end devices. By renting with Ooodles, you can give them what they need – and still save money.

  • Circular and Flexible

    We ensure all devices are used throughout their full lifecycle. That’s why we offer the most flexible rental contracts in the UK.

    Shorten, extend or cancel contracts early with Ooodles+ and save money – while helping the planet.

Order devices in minutes – get next working day delivery

Onboarding takes minutes, with security checks usually done within an hour.

Devices Covering All Your Business Needs

From our latest range of devices, choose rental periods from 3 to 36 months

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