Tech leasing just got an upgrade. Meet Ooodles+

When you rent with Ooodles, you choose between the Standard or Ooodles+ plans. With Ooodles+, you get the devices of your choice, comprehensive insurance cover – and next-level flexibility options throughout your lease.

Full flexibility. Full service.

Theft and accidental damage insurance

Worried about spilling coffee on your shiny new laptop? Or cracking the screen on your company smartphone?

Relax – you’re on Ooodles+. You’ll get insurance cover for accidental damage and theft of devices, with a maximum excess of £50.

If a colleague leaves, the lease stops

If the employee you rented a device for leaves the business (for any reason), and you don't want to give that device to a new employee, Ooodles+ lets you stop the lease without any penalties.

Just let us know, return the device – and the lease is cancelled.

Change the lease duration – midway through your contract

Circumstances change. That’s why Ooodles+ lets you change the lease duration – at any point in time.

If you took a 12-month rental but want to keep the device for another 12 months, we’ll calculate how much you would have paid so far on a 24-month rental, and credit you the amount you overpaid in year 1.

Shortening the lease works the same way: to cancel a 12-month lease after 6 months, we'll make it as if you took a 6 months lease from the start, charge you the difference you underpaid – and you can then return the device or choose another one.

Rent to buy & Buy to rent

Want to try out a product? Rent it first – and buy it if you love it!

Ooodles+ lets you buy a product during the first 3 months of the lease. We subtract the rentals already paid from the buying price.

More pluses when you rent tech with Ooodles

  • Save money

    Tech is expensive. Just getting laptops for a team of ten can cost over £15k to purchase outright. With Ooodles, you get the same tech for only £400 per month – with no up-front costs.

    Stop wasting your company's money on tech that’s destined to become obsolete. Spend it on what matters; providing value to your clients – and growing your business.

  • Save time

    Managing tech is a long and costly process.

    With Ooodles, you get access to our asset management dashboard that allows you to see all your devices and plans, assign tech to employees, make new orders, and view invoices and contracts.

  • Boost productivity

    Down with downtime.

    Ooodles+ provides you and your team with remote IT and tech support, from 9am to 5pm. Spend less time solving tech problems, and get back to work faster.

  • Full flexibility

    Most leasing companies have fixed lease periods that are frustrating and wasteful.

    Ooodles+ not only lets you choose your tech leasing terms for yourself, it lets you change them – even halfway through the contract!

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