Warranty claims with Ooodles: how they work – and how to get a loan device

Thankfully, dead laptops, bricked phones and tablets throwing tantrums are rare cases these days. But tech breakdowns happen – and when they do, you need it sorted, fast. Find out how warranty claims work with leased devices, and how Ooodles manages repairs.

How to get your rented device fixed

Contact us

First, reach out to Ooodles via the dashboard “request repair” under the devices section, email us at business@ooodles.com or call us on +44 (0) 203 608 8618.

Step one – discovery call

Our repair partner will give you a call to see if the issue can be solved remotely. Sometimes, if it’s a software, driver or firmware issue, we can get you back up and running straight away. But if that doesn’t work, we’ll escalate to step two.

Step two – device collection

If your issue can’t be resolved remotely, we’ll organise collection of the faulty device. You won’t need to drop anything off. A loan device will be sent out immediately, to cover the device being repaired.

Step three – getting your loan device

Normally, deliveries of loan devices are next-day. The device you get might not be the exact same as the one you had – but it’ll be as close to like-for-like as possible; Windows users will get a Windows device, and Apple users will get an Apple one.

The loan device is yours to use for the duration of the repair.

Step four – getting your device back

Once the repair is done, you’ll get the original device sent back to you, and we will organise a collection for the loan device. If your original device is beyond repair, we’ll send you a new, like-for-like replacement.

What does it cost?

Nothing! Warranty claims and loan devices are completely handled by Ooodles, at no cost to you. It will only cost you something if the damage is deemed to be accidental by the repair company.

However, if the fault is found to be due to accidental damage by the repair company, this falls outside of any warranty claim. 2 possibilities in that case: 

  • If you’re on the standard plan, you’ll be liable for any repairs or replacements

  • If you have Ooodles+, you’ll get all the same warranty coverage and loan devices plus accidental damage cover. You’ll only have to cover a £50 excess for repairs or replacements due to accidental damage. 

More benefits of renting with Ooodles

  • Reduce electronic waste

    Reduce e-waste by renting devices only for as long as you need them – then putting them back into circulation when you’re finished.

  • Happy teams

    It's tough to balance IT costs with employees' preferences for high-end devices. By renting with Ooodles, you can give them what they need – and still save money.

  • Circular and Flexible

    We ensure all devices are used throughout their full lifecycle. That’s why we offer the most flexible rental contracts in the UK.

    Shorten, extend or cancel contracts early with Ooodles+ and save money – while helping the planet.

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