DJI Mini 3 Pro Drone

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Free lifetime warranty.


Free replacement if any fault develops.


Free delivery and collection of the device. No hidden fees.


Access to our asset management dashboard.


Purchase the device at the end of the agreement for its fair market price - sometimes as low as £1.

At check-out, you can add Ooodles+ from £5 per month

What will you get?


Insurance covering accidental damage and theft.


Stop the leasing if an employee leaves (without additional fees).


The option to return, replace or upgrade devices at anytime.


Change the contract length and price anytime.

how it works

1. Choose

Pick from the latest laptops, phones and other tech your team needs.


2. Lease

Select the monthly plans, apply, and then upon successful application, we'll dispatch your devices for next day delivery free of charge.


3. Manage

Use our easy to use Asset Management dashboard to assign tech to employees, order more devices, and manage end of agreement options such as upgrading or returning existing tech.

Why equip your team with Ooodles?


The most flexible option

Leasing with Ooodles gives you the flexibility to choose how long you need your devices, whether that is 3 months or 36+. Get Ooodles+ and you can change your mind anytime without any fees!


Simple Asset Management Platform

See all your leased devices, assign them to employees, and quickly add, upgrade, or return devices to fit your team's needs.


Provide the best boost employee retention

Meet the requirements of your employees, let them choose their favorite devices that suit their needs, and watch them be productive in their work


The eco-friendly approach to hardware

Ooodles give all our leased devices a second lifecycle to refurbish and lease again or recycle sustainably.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does leasing with Ooodles for Business work?

    Leasing the latest tech with Ooodles is the smart and flexible alternative to buying. It only takes a couple of steps to get your business onboard:

    1. Enter your company and applicant details
    2. Select the tech and leasing periods your team needs and add them to basket
    3. Get your business account approved by our Risk team
    4. Complete a quick ID check online to prevent identity theft
    5. Sign the contract to confirm your order and we will get your shipment ready for delivery!
  • Who is eligible to lease from Ooodles for Business?

    Leasing tech with Ooodles for Business is made on a case by case basis but will include checks on:

    • UK based LTD with a minimum trading history of 12 months
    • Very good business credit record
    • No recent negative credit factors
    • Applicant authorised to sign contracts on behalf of the company
    • Capable to provide security and ID checks
    • Website and company email address
    • UK based mobile number of applicant
  • How long will delivery take?

    Delivery is free and we will send your product on an Express delivery service.

    Most of our products have free next day delivery if ordered before 2.30pm between Monday to Friday. Other products will be delivered within 5-7 business days. Please check the product page for full details.

  • Are products brand new and what is included?

    Yes, our products are brand new unless it says refurbished in the product title.

    The product you receive will be brand new with all accessories that come standard in the box. If there are any differences, they will be clearly outlined in the product description.

  • What does lifetime free warranty cover?

    Lifetime free warranty covers the device for the whole duration of the leasing agreement.

    If any device develops a manufacturer's fault, we will deal with getting your device repaired and send you a free replacement device while it is being repaired. Lifetime free warranty cover includes any manufacture faults but not accidental damage, loss, or theft. We do however offer an additional insurance service to cover for any accidental damage or theft so please get in touch if you would like to add that to your devices.

  • Do you offer free replacements in case of faults?

    Yes. If your device develops a fault, we will send you a free loan replacement while we collect and fix your main device.

  • What happens at the end of the leasing agreement?

    Near the end of the leasing agreement, you will be offered one of 4 choices:

    • Upgrade to the latest model of your choice for free
    • Keep your current product and continue to lease
    • Buy your current product and end the agreement based on it's fair market value at the end of the lease
    • Return your current product and end your leasing agreement

    For more details please see our end of lease options page.